Sportskommission Road Racing og Drag Racing

4. feb 2020 ... Sted: Kursuscenter Knudshoved, Fyrvej 1, 5800 Nyborg. Deltagere: Jesper Holm (formand), Palle Lind, John Klint, Arne Christiansen, Jesper ...

Sportskommission Road Racing og Drag Racing- Relaterede dokumenter

Sportskommission Road Racing og Drag Racing

4. feb 2020 ... Sted: Kursuscenter Knudshoved, Fyrvej 1, 5800 Nyborg. Deltagere: Jesper Holm (formand), Palle Lind, John Klint, Arne Christiansen, Jesper ...

Road Racing DM 2013 - BT Classic road racing

Classic TT – Jyllandsringen. Mesterskaber der afgøres: EM – NM – CO - DM. Road Racing. DM 2013. Weekenden d. 11. og 12. maj på Ring. Djursland er årets ...

Classic Road Racing - AMK-Racing

Motor: 50cc Puch Cobra 6trins, drejeventil indsugning, tørkobling og vandkølet. Effekt 17hk v ... Puch Cobra blev oprindeligt brugt til Motor cross og Speedway i 70érne, den sad dog også på ... langt de fleste reservedele stadig til at få.

Drag Racing Analyzer v3.4 - Performance Trends

Many terms used by the Drag Racing Analyzer and this user's manual are similar to terms used by other publications, like Converter Capacity, Tire Traction Factor, ...

Custom Drag Racing Suit Guide - Vanson Leathers

service and styles and graphics to showcase the racer and his or her sponsors. ... Drag Racing, Dirt Track, Snowmobile Racing. DR2 (#) ... DESIGN V3. $150.00 ...

20 Regler for åbent DM i Drag Racing - Danmarks Motor Union

Drag Racing Reglement 2019 – Danmarks Motor Union. Danmarks ... kørerne. Reaktionstid afgør placering på kvalifikation listen, hurtigste reaktions tid = kval.

HL190 Drag Racing Light Tree - TAG Heuer Timing

This software controls the whole Drag racing installation HL190. Combined with the Chronelec Elite V3 software, manage your complete championship. ➢ Manage ...

BUILDING A RACING PLAYBOOK - Chicago Area Sail Racing ...

2018 Quantum Sails. All rights reserved. THE TEAM. • Owner, Driver, Boat. Captain, and. Tactician. • Mast, Trimmers,. Grinders, Bow, and. Coach. • The Floater ...

Swix Nordic Ski Prep Racing - Reliable Racing

Why Wax Skis? Snow Classification System. Structure in Ski Bases & Tools. Swix Cera Nova System. Base Brushing. Ironing. Swix Kick Waxes for Classic Skiing.

Road Racing - Danmarks Motor Union

31.2 Scooter Supersport . ... Road Racing-reglementet er det i Danmark gældende reglement for alle nationale turneringer og stævner ... Ved alle DM løb skal der ved tidtagning opnås en tid, der er bedre end hurtigste tid 15 % som ...


1.2. SCCA GENERAL COMPETITION RULES. 15. 1.2.1. Replacing the GCR ... The required medical examination form is a tool and guide for the physician in ... The SCTI works with the CCC and event Technical Staff to provide consistent ... All cars must have at least 2 roll over structures, but the use of titanium is prohibited.

ATK RR Aldersrelateret træning i road racing - Danmarks Motor Union

Kapitel 1 er en introduktion til bogen, hvor baggrunden for og formålet med ... Kapitel 6 gennemgår børns fysiske, muskulære, aerobe, anaerobe, motoriske, ...


Vælg her Motocross-fanen og menupunktet ”klub- søgning”. BANEPRØVE OG LICENS. Hvordan kommer jeg i gang med at køre QUAD- cross? Når du bliver ...

Poster - AH-Racing


HP - Brisk Racing

BATAVUS. SERIAL MOTORCYCLE. 50. G50, Mosquito, M40, TS49. 0,5. NR15S. NR15S. BATAVUS ... Stratos. 0,5. LR15S. LR15S. LEM. SERIAL MOTORCYCLE. 50. Stratos Matic. 0,5. N17C. LIFAN ... 0,5. LR14S. LR14S. ROYAL ENFIELD.

Bet Back - Racing NSW

31 Oct 2019 ... 1-Jul-19. Shane Filipek Bookmaking Pty Ltd. RNSW. 1-Jul-19. Sportchamps Australia Pty Ltd. RVL. 1-Jul-19. SportsBet Pty Ltd. NTRC. 1-Jul-19.

Презентация - DK Racing

DK Racing объединяет гоночную школу DK Racing Academy, гоночную команду DK Racing Team и техническую базу. DK Racing ... Результат. Клиент DK ...

parolin racing kart-parolin racing kart 52-ch-20

le Règlement CIK-FIA en vigueur. This Homologation Form reproduces descriptions, illustrations and dimensions of the chassis frame at the moment of the CIK- ...

track racing commission - FIM

Fax: 48 22 848 19 51. 02-518 Warszawa. Title of the meeting: PZM WARSAW FIM SPEEDWAY GRAND PRIX OF POLAND. Date of the meeting: 13.05.2017.

trackpilot - GEDLICH Racing

Februar 2017 Portimao / P*. 12./13. Februar ... für den Temperaturen unter 15°C nach eigener. Aussage ... säumen die Küste zwischen Malaga und Gibraltar.

top drivers - Meadowlands Racing

School won a Finn Tack Driver of the Week Award in July of 2013 with three upsets. He kicked off his triple in a leg of the Ima Lula Series and put a new lifetime ...

instruction manual - MCD Racing

20 Sep 2013 ... Contents. Introduct on. Contents. Warranty and safety precaut ons. Fuel safety precaut ons. Make sure your car s properly ma nta ned before ...

Codes for racing rivals app

Racing Rivals (all cheats are updated) All Cheats 1. Convenience ... Sports Gems Package $4.99 >>> “uctoFF4PkGvz1ak_MP”(Updated cheat code) 3. Performance ... of any cases where this happened but it is a real possibility. Hacks are ...

Deutsch Autosport - RB Racing

Refer to page 14 for technical specifications. AS HERMETIC FUEL TANK. A range of hermetically sealed connectors designed specifically for autosport fuel tank ...

# AnySurfaceAnySpeed - Bell Racing

exhibited in every high-performance racing helmet we build. Delivering the ultimate ... The latest generation of Bell Racing helmets offer forward-thinking design ...



300 miles of offshore racing

Rolex Fastnet Race - A guide for entrants. •Choose your level of experience. • THIS IS MY FIRST ROLEX FASTNET AND/OR RORC RACE - I'D LIKE TO READ ...

Eventing - This is Horse Racing

9 Mar 2007 ... Dario, owned by Allie Lawaetz, is a 5-year-old ... racehorse owned by Laura Nafis, has been cruising ... amazing training session with Laura.

Alt fra tur til racing i ski og skibekledning - Ski Norway

Trysil. Høyfjellssenter. Trysilfjellet. Skihytta. Trysil. Turistsenter. Trysil sentrum. Ås. Ole G-v egen ... ... SkiStar Trysil and local sport clubs are.

Racing from 1950 onwards

Jyllandsringen. 25th August 1968. Group 4 & 6 Sportscars, 5 races of 8 laps aggregated. Pos. No. Driver. Car. Laps Time. 1. Barrie Smith. Chevron B8 Ford.

Vogtland-Katalog - EM-Racing

VW Golf III, Typ 1HXO, 1H, 1E, 2WD, Variant ... VW Passat R36 4Motion, Typ 3C, Variant ... Land Rover Range Rover, Typ LS, ab Fgst.-Nr. / VIN from: SALG…,.

STX22Air - X1 Racing Suspension

Shock absorber for Specialized Enduro. STX22Air. Owner's Manual/ Mounting Instructions arningg! ⚠. Before installing this product, read this manual. The.

Julle Racing - PLM Group

med udgangspunkt i Korskrobanen ved. Esbjerg. Teamet stiller i dag op i rallycross og speedway. Søren ”Julle” Juhl Pedersen er teamchef og kører rallycross ...

Brembo's racing passion - FIA

Tom KRISTENSEN, Vice-President, ... championships right down to the worthy winners of grassroots series. ... For 2016, net profit more than doubled to 5.1.

FIM Track Racing Commission - PZM

30 Nov 2019 ... Slangerup Denmark. 19 May ... events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance, Motocross, Supercross, Trial, Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and.

Sea Doo 720 Billet Head Instructions - ADA Racing

BF1415. 1/4” npt x 1/2” Brass Barb. 1. BF14T. 1/4” Brass Female Tee. Installation Procedure. 1) Remove the stock head and clean the top surface of the cylinder.