Author Index - Annals of Oncology

Allard, Marc Antoine PD-013 618 ... Delgado Ure˜na, Ma Teresa P-317, P-322, P-331 343 ... Jacobs, Clare P-372, P-374 25 ... Molina-Mata, Kevin P-329 674.

Author Index - Annals of Oncology- Relaterede dokumenter

Author Index - Annals of Oncology

Allard, Marc Antoine PD-013 618 ... Delgado Ure˜na, Ma Teresa P-317, P-322, P-331 343 ... Jacobs, Clare P-372, P-374 25 ... Molina-Mata, Kevin P-329 674.

Thanks to referees 2016 - Annals of Oncology

Georgios Gakis, Tübingen, Germany. Ciro Gallo, Naples ... Hans Hammers, Baltimore, USA. Breffni Hannon ... Mathilde H. Lerche, Denmark. Sing Fai Leung ...

Supplementary table 2 - Annals of Oncology

CytoVac reparixin. Other immunomodulator. Phase II. Dompe Farmaceutici SpA. Vaccine to Target CD155/N. Cancer vaccine. Phase II. Duke University. SD-101.

Thanks to referees 2018 - Annals of Oncology

Andrew Beck, USA. Daniel J. Becker, New York, ... Kuwano, Fukuoka, Japan. Cecilie Kyrø, Copenhagen, Denmark ... Sung Hoon Noh, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Bisphosphonates and osteonecrosis of the jaw - Annals of Oncology

Sanna et al. [31]. 10. Breast cancer (10) ... Thakkar S, Isada C, Englund K et al. Bisphosphonate ... Sanna G, Zampino MG, Pelosi G et al. Jaw avascular bone ...

Paclitaxel (175 mg/m2) plus carboplatin - Annals of Oncology

Purpose: The combination of paclitaxel and carboplatin has become a widely used regimen in NSCLC due to phase II reports of moderate toxicity, reasonable ...

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Annals of Oncology

apies, and their role as front-line therapy is being investi- gated. Bone marrow ... bo-controlled randomized study, 400 mg per kg of immunoglobulin given ...

PDF (1 MB) - Annals of Oncology March 2020, Vol. 31, Issue 3

a 80 kDa band corresponding to CD44s. ... Seker M1, Sevinc A2, Bilici A1, Ozdemir N3, Yildiz R4, Kalender M2, ... Hughes R1, Harrison M1, Glynnes-Jones R ... Department of Surgical Oncology, Paul Papin Cancer Institute, Angers, France.

Circulating cell-free DNA as predictor of ... - Annals of Oncology

19 Jan 2018 ... The study by Schou et al. investigates the prognostic value of total circulating ... The present study by Danielsen and colleagues in this issue.

Session C: Gynecological and Genito-Urinary ... - Annals of Oncology

Giuseppe Attavilla, Claudia Ganpoh, Cancctta Sergi, Manangela Zanghf,. Chmcal ... vivo in nude rmce and, finally, m cancer patients. We demonstrated a ... are synergudc with ctsptatin (Cancer 82 1381, 1998, Cancer Rex. 2 251, 1998, ASCO ...

ESMO 2017 Annals of Oncology Abstract Book

31 Aug 2017 ... Chair: Inge Marie Svane, Herlev, Denmark. Chair: Reinhard Dummer ... To adequately power each arm, we found the optimal rule that maxi- ... Russian Federation, 9Oncology, Copernicus PL Sp. z.o.o. Wojewodzkie Centrum.

Predictors of early relapse in postmenopausal ... - Annals of Oncology

14 Feb 2007 ... Data Management Center (Frontier Science and Technology. Research Foundation ... Australia: The Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne, VIC: F. Abell, R. ... Viborg Sygehus, Viborg: V. Haahr; Landspitali University. Hospital ...

The role of opioids in cancer progression - Annals of Oncology

29 Aug 2016 ... Clinical data on opioids' effects on cancer development and progression are ... Geneva, Switzerland: WHO 1996. 2. ... Zylla D, Gourley BL, Vang D et al. Opioid ... Exadaktylos AK, Buggy DJ, Moriarty DC, Mascha E, Sessler DI.

with S-1 in patients with stage IV pancreatic canc - Annals of Oncology

at 16-week by RECISTv1.1, progression-free survival and viral shedding in body fluids. ... Disease control rate was 56% (0 PR and 5 SDs), and 3 of 5 pts on-study are ... Oncology, Vejle Sygehus Hospital, Vejle, Denmark, 14Medical Oncology, ...

Author Index/Index Des Auteurs - SAGE Journals

BRUNBECH, Peter Yding : 7424. BRUNEAU, Ivan : 2121. BRUNEAU, Thomas C. ... HOFFMANN SLAGTER, Tracy : 5454. HOFMANN, David C. : 4161. HOGAN ...

Author index / Index des Auteurs - SAGE Journals

ABRAMOVA, Irina O. : 7741 ... 69(3) ; 4800→5842 : 69(4) ; 5843→7053 : 69(5) ; 7054→8091 : 69(6). 884 ... HANSEN, Kasper M. : 890 ... KANIN, David B. : 5440.

Author Index/ Index des Auteurs - SAGE Journals

HANSEN, Lene : 3058. HANSEN, Mogens : 7162. HANSEN, Morten ... TEIGEN, Katrine Stegenborg : 7439. TEIGEN, Mari : 915. TEISSEIRE, Laurent : 7130.

author index

lied Byg (Geneve) lied Infant. "ed Instrull lied J Aust ... Biederman-Thorson ft, 05612. Biehl BF, 01633 ... Moll XL, 06957 07173 07512. Moller Aa, 00606 00607 ...

Author Index - Diabetes

Aanstoot, Henk‑Jan 287‑OR, 1394‑P. Abadia, Beatriz ... Abrahamsen, Trine 2365‑PUB ... Adamson, Karen 172‑OR, 1287‑P, 1560‑P ... Linnebjerg, Helle 996‑P.

Author Index - The Journal of Immunology

Beurskens, Frank J., 4829. Bilate, Angelina M., 4838 ... Lauridsen, Holly M., 2400. Lauring, Adam S., 2409 ... Sanger, Julia M., 4444. Sanjuan, Miguel, 42.

Fall 2017 Author Index (PDF)

An, Sung-Jin, NM04.12.46. An, Tae Kyu, EM01. ... Bark, Chung Wung, ES02.06.08. Barker, Alex, ES01. ... Cho, Sung Beom, EM04.11.03, TC07.06.04 ... Nygard, Jesper, *EM08.10.03. Nyman, Jeffry ... Wei, Hainan, ES01.03.11. Wei, Haotong ...

Author Index to Abstracts - Nature

Ankarali, H., 793. Antal, E.-A., 168. Anteby, E., 296. Anthony, M., 747. Anthracopoulos, M., 778. Antoine, D.J., 107. Antonius, T., 40, 229. Antonogeogros, G., 778.

Part One: Author-Title Index - jstor

the First Printing Calculator, 20:390; (R). Fagen, ed. ... A Calculating People: The Spread of Numer- acy in Early ... Canadian Steam, D. B. Morgan, ed., (R). 4:80.

MRS Fall 2019 Final Author Index (PDF)

Aguiar, Alice, EN04.06.03. Aguiar, Tomás, EN10. ... Jensen, Stephanie, FF05.01.08. Jensen, Tonya, FF06. ... Oppelstrup, Tomas, *MT01.06.05. Oraibi, Zakariya ...

AUTHOR INDEX* Volume 52 - Cancer Research

Ficsor-Jacobs, R., 5183. Fidler, I. J., 1155, 5808. Fiebig ... Kvols, L., 6074. Kwak, K-S., 4655. Kwak, L. W. ... Madsen, M. W., 1210. Maeda, H., 1013. Maeda, Y.

JFA Author Index for Volumes 1-10 - METU Journal of the Faculty of ...

ASLANOĞLU EVYAPAN, Gönül (1975). Anatolian Turkish ... ASLANOĞLU, İnci (1975). Glasgow Sanat ... ÖZGÜÇ, Bülent; PULTAR, Mustafa (1979). A Computer ...

Thomas A. Edison Collection of American Sheet Music Author Index 1

Thomas A. Edison Collection of American Sheet Music ... List to the music of my song: cavatina a la ... While all on land, the celebrated barcarolle as sung.

2014 Combined Author Index IEEE Industry ... - IEEE Xplore

predictive control in grid connected converters; ECCE Sept. 2014 5797-. 5804 ... Gutscher, C., see Monsen, B., TIA March -April 2014 1552-1561. Guzman, A. ... Marten, Victor, see Shousha, Mahmoud, APEC March 2014 1579-1583. Martin ... Mendler, Rick, Hasan, Rehanul, Trolle, Jean-Baptiste, and Mina, Nabil L., Haz-.

author collection 2017 - Author bicycles

And we can complete the word “classic” by adding that even a bike should be beautiful, and have a meaning. And both are just as ... AUTHOR Radon. 32 holes.

Song Author Song Author 29 Ways WILLIE DIXON ... - Poke Chop

Merry Christmas Baby. CHARLES BROWN ... Must have done somebody wrong Elmore James. Bush Doctor ... Diggin ON JAMES BROWN. Cyrill Neville.

The Barthel Index, Katz Index of Activities of Daily Living, Health ...

A modified scoring system has been suggested by Shah and colleagues (9) using a 5-level ordinal scale. In the modified 10-item version, functional categories ...

access to nutrition index global index 2018 - EU Agenda

3 May 2018 ... Arla is the only company that pledges to market only healthy ... Carbonates; 3. ... overall than its food products (dairy and rice, pasta and.

step down - Annals of Gastroenterology

(GERD), Carlsson questionnaire, Gastrointestinal Symptom. Rating Scale ... as a pyramid, with a large group of patients suffering from mild symptoms, a smaller ...

Download PDF - Annals of Hepatology

Arturo Panduro,*,. Claudio Tiribelli,**,. Norberto C. Chávez-Tapia,***,. Misael Uribe****,. * Department of Molecular Biology in Medicine, Civil Hospital of ...

PDF (1 MB) - Radiotherapy and Oncology

17 Aug 2019 ... Simon Skouboe a,*. , Thomas Ravkilde b, Jenny Bertholet c, Rune Hansen b, Esben Schjødt Worm b,. Casper Gammelmark Muurholm a, Britta ...

Primary and secondary fibromyalgia; are they different? - Annals of ...

27 Jun 2019 ... Michael Skjødt. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),. Department of Public Health and Nursing, Trondheim, Norway.