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NUTEK (2006) Fakta om svensk turism,. 2006 års upplaga. O'Brien, K., Sygna, L., and ... hval og finhval viktige arter. Varmere havtemperatur vil påvirke vand-.

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fulltext - Nordic Council of Ministers

NUTEK (2006) Fakta om svensk turism,. 2006 års upplaga. O'Brien, K., Sygna, L., and ... hval og finhval viktige arter. Varmere havtemperatur vil påvirke vand-.

State of the Nordic Region 2018 - Nordic Council of Ministers - Diva ...

20 Jun 2016 ... Middle East and South Asia, Europe received a record number of asylum ... Dragør) all had employment rates higher than 85% in 2016. The most striking ... The hotel, restaurant and other services sector is overrepresented in ...

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7 Jun 2015 ... Ågot Li, Signe Sem, Julie Tesdal Håland, Jens Højslev Petersen ... DoC was issued, if the DoC was updated, a confirmation that the FCM.

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012 - Nordic Council of Ministers

The 5th edition of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, NNR 2012, has been produced by a working group nominated by the Working Group on Food, Diet ...

Marine Litter in Nordic waters - Nordic Council of Ministers

Layout: Hanne Lebech. Cover photo: Jakob ... Mikroskopiska antropogena partiklar i marina sediment. Göte- borgs universitet, p. 37. KIMO 2013. Fishing for litter ...

Adult Skills in the Nordic Region - Nordic Council of Ministers

Tem. aNord 2015:535 ... http://dx.doi.org/10.6027/TN2015‐535 ... Nordic Council of Ministers 2015 ... The Russian immigrants and descendants in Estonia could conduct ... re en vigtig medvirkende faktor til forklaring af de ringere målte færdig-.

The Nordic textile reuse and recycling - Nordic Council of Ministers

The decision is definitive and is not subject to administrative appeal, but it can be taken to court, ... Reno Djurs: ”Afsætning af tøj og tekstiler. Betingelser og ...

suspect screening in nordic countries - Nordic Council of Ministers

Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, Denmark, ... detected in other screening studies (Blum et al., 2017) in water and other abiotic.

Framing a Nordic IPBES-like study - Nordic Council of Ministers

25 Jun 2015 ... Government of Greenland; Tom Christensen, Aarhus University; Marie. Stenseke from ... Færøernes Fugleforening, FFFF. Greenland (GL).

Nordic Economic Outlook 2017 - Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic. Economic. Outlook. 2017. Prepared by. Nordiska konjunkturgruppen ... Ved Stranden 18 ... rock bottom seen in early 2016, but this trend appears to have been reversed recently ... förutses växa snabbare än potentiell tillväxt nästa år.

PFASs in the Nordic environment - Nordic Council of Ministers

best-selling pharmaceuticals in the US market contain fluorine (Zhou et al., 2016,. O'Hagan, 2010). ... The samples of marine mammals were from the Environmental Specimen Bank at ... Fjord and close to the city Sønderborg. The harbor ...

Nordic National Parks - Nordic Council of Ministers

→ Built structures are a pre-ex- isting, functioning part of all. Danish national parks. → Denmark has a fairly liberal approach when it comes to permitting new built ...

Nordic fisheries and aquaculture - Nordic Council of Ministers

The economy of aquaculture can also be affected by nitrogen concentrations. Partly due to reduced growth of fish when reared in over-fertilized waters, partly.

nordic nitrogen and agriculture - Nordic Council of Ministers

Kajsa Pira, Kristoffer Piil, Lars Bakken, Marianne Bechmann and Stina ... Eurostat have calculated the gross nitrogen balance for Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

Nordic heating and cooling - Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic countries also have a high share of district heating in the heat ... energy use, and on the flat level, the residents can mainly save in hot water use.

Nordic Malt House - Nordic Council of Ministers

14 Apr 2009 ... Anders [email protected] Tel. ... The education level of maltsters has been discussed and found to be very basic. Brewers are ...

Nordic fisheries in transition - Nordic Council of Ministers

fish traps as far as a pole could reach the bottom – a right that could be ... trip. It is the real work of handling, gutting, cleaning and unloading fish that is felt as.

Nordic fisheries at a crossroad - Nordic Council of Ministers

investments, habits, rhythms, organization, challenges and, not least, a new mind set. Figure 6: ... located in the two former fishing towns, Svaneke and Nexø.

future nordic diets - Nordic Council of Ministers

while only making a more limited contribution to the global food supply. In this ... eating patterns and fulfill Nordic ... Miljönytta och samhällsekonomiskt värde vid.

Development of the Nordic Bioeconomy - Nordic Council of Ministers

Network / cluster www.siva.no. Stiftelsen Fiskeriforum Vest. Bergen. Network / cluster www.fiskeriforum.no. Trefokus. Oslo. Network / cluster www.trefokus.no.

The Nordic Welfare Watch - Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordens Hus. Ved Stranden 18. DK-1061 Copenhagen K, Denmark ... A Steering Group of the Nordic Welfare Watch programme was established to ensure the ...

Nordic Statistics 2017 - Nordic Council of Ministers

ISSN 2414-6595 (PRINT) http://dx.doi.org/10.6027/ANP2017-748. © Nordic Council of Ministers 2017. Layout: Mette Agger Tang. Print: Arco Specialtrykkeriet.

Nordic Entrepreneurship Islands - Nordic Council of Ministers

The juxtaposition of seven such different islands caused some problems from a ... Kortlægningen på de tre niveauer samt erfaringerne fra Danmark har dannet.

Nordic Climate Policy - Nordic Council of Ministers

ronment and being capable of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This report is ... 10 % CO2-afgiften har sandsynligvis været en væsentlig medvirkende årsag til at ... school (Tvind) in the western part of Denmark, a group of non-.

Nordic scalers - Nordic Council of Ministers

Kasper Hulthin, co-founder and Chief Growth. Officer, Peakon. Refining or developing new products, services and business models can naturally be costly, ...

Nordic Communities - Nordic Council of Ministers

Knud Enggaard, former President of the Nordic Council and Minister for Nordic ... Pernille Rieker, researcher, Norwegian Institute of International. Affairs, Oslo.

The Nordic model - Nordic Council of Ministers

Nordic co-operation is one of the world's most extensive forms of regional collaboration, involv- ing Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Faroe ...

new nordic cuisine - Nordic Council of Ministers

denmarK rene redzepi, Chef, NOMA restaurant in. Copenhagen. 1. it is important that new nordic Food helps to create an identity for nordic cuisine on the.

the nordic perspective - Nordic Council of Ministers

... Nordic perspective, our values, and a culture that has grown out of a common history. ... International media virtually always point this out in a Nordic context.

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meNu. FIRST COURSES. Nordic flavours are coming into their own 3. From Nordic ... To serve: Arrange on a plate, and draw the truffle purée along the edge of ...

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cultivated in Southeast Asia and deadly poisonous mushrooms growing wild in the Nordic countries inf information on potential deadly mistakes. , grene ycelie,.

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Baggrunden for denne første deklaration om nordisk sprog- politik er behovet for en ny nordisk sprogpolitik, som skal sikre helhed og sammenhæng i Nordisk ...

Hat och hot på nätet - Nordic Council of Ministers

Han sänder blombud till hennes arbete och bilder av blommor och hjärtan till hennes jobbmail. Han skickar också sms med budskapet att han älskar henne.

30 years of - Nordic Council of Ministers

15 Oct 2019 ... it is manufactured in Silkeborg in Denmark. Naturally they'd like ... Swan-labelled car wash in Norway, opened with tributes from the minister in ... Anne-Lise Bakken who first proposed the label and took the initiative at Nordic ...

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Other Nordic publications are available at www.norden.org/publications. Printed in Denmark. Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Council. Store Strandstræde 18.

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15. okt 2019 ... ... omfatter Danmark, Finland, Island, Norge og Sverige samt Færøyene, Grønland og Åland ... Rema1000, Aldi og Lidl, samt ikke-rabattbutikker som Føtex ... Naturgas 9 %. Torv 6 %. Over er logoene til tre konkurrerende miljø-.