Denmark's National Inventory Report 2017 - Aarhus Universitet

Formerly, the provision of data was on a voluntary basis, but more formal agreements ... The emissions from transport, referring to SNAP category 07 (road transport) ... There is only one producer of cement in Denmark, Aalborg Portland Ltd.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2017 - Aarhus Universitet- Relaterede dokumenter

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2017 - Aarhus Universitet

Formerly, the provision of data was on a voluntary basis, but more formal agreements ... The emissions from transport, referring to SNAP category 07 (road transport) ... There is only one producer of cement in Denmark, Aalborg Portland Ltd.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2018 - Aarhus Universitet

15 Apr 2018 ... omfatter Danmark, mens NIR 2018 til UNFCCC omfatter Danmark, Grøn- ... del af kvalitetssikringen, udarbejdes der for emissionskilderne rap-.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2015 - Aarhus Universitet

5.10), the present report is the official submission for the year 2015 under the. UNFCCC. The present ... This report is Denmark's National Inventory Report (NIR) 2015 for submis- sion to the United Nations ... Sønderborg. Thisted. Aalborg. 0.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2014 - Aarhus Universitet

fyrværkeri (2009-2011), tobak (1980-1999, 2011) og trækul anvendt til gril- ning (1980-1987 ... Long-term target: a target of 95 g pr km is specified for the year 2020. The ... Hundested-. Grenaa and Kalundborg-Juelsminde was closed in 1996, Korsør-Nyborg ... the new Dan field and the completion of the Harald field.

denmark's national inventory report 2019 - Aarhus Universitet

15 Apr 2019 ... form a forest with a height of at least 5 m and crown cover of at least 10 %”. ... Brun, I. 2018: Unpublished data material from Toyota Material Handling ... viously Danisco Sugar A/S) located in Assens, Nakskov and Nykøbing.


15 Apr 2019 ... DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University, for valuable input on ... for trucks and buses (heavy-duty vehicles) and light duty vehicles are noted for 2008- ... Per Stjernqvist, Volvo Construction. Equipment ...

denmark's national inventory report 2015 and 2016 - Aarhus ...

3 Feb 2019 ... EU Commission was for Denmark, while this NIR 2015/2016 to the UN- ... in Table 4.2.5; however, the mass balance is incomplete due to miss-.

denmark's national inventory report 2012 - OSTI.GOV

CO2-ækvivalenter fra N2O udledning i forbindelse med skovrydning. Netto- ... Emissioner fra anvendelse af grillkul og tobak er inkluderet for første gang i.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2010. Emission Inventories ...

14 May 2010 ... This report is Denmark's National Inventory Report (NIR) 2010 for sub- mission to the ... and jet fuel is being used in the navigation sector and by aviation (civil ... higher emissions than lighter cars while preserving the overall.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2013 - DCE - Nationalt Center ...

hårdt skum. ... Grenaa and Kalundborg-Juelsminde was closed in 1996, Korsør-Nyborg. (DSB) closed ... the new Dan field and the completion of the Harald field.

Denmark's National Inventory Report 2008 - Emission Inventories ...

Ole-Kenneth Nielsen. Erik Lyck. Mette Hjorth Mikkelsen. Leif Hoffmann. Steen Gyldenkærne. Morten Winther. Malene Nielsen. Patrik Fauser. Marianne Thomsen.

national inventory report - unfccc

4 Aug 2012 ... grams CO2 per kg CH4. ... content in 2009 (prepared by monthly analyses) with the recalculation value of 5.095 grams CO2 per ... 314 601,00.

annual danish informative inventory - Aarhus Universitet

Danish emissions of NOx stems from road transport, national navigation, railways ... 5. New boilers without hot water storage. 95. 350. 50. 2234. 37. 444. 422. 413. 116 ... Billund. Copenhagen. Esbjerg. Karup. Roskilde. Rønne. Sønderborg. Thisted ... of the NMVOC emission from loading of ships (Miljøcenter Odense, 2010).

Danish emission inventory for industrial processes - Aarhus Universitet

1 Sep 2019 ... The cease of the electro steelwork has resulted in import of billets/blooms and slabs for ... It is further more assumed that the cross-border shop-.

Austrian Inventory Report 2017 - WMO Library

31 Dec 2017 ... nominating in 2017 an Austrian GCOS Coordinator, Ms Silke Adler, whose ... and “Naturkalender Niederösterreich” involve schools and nature.

Port of Olympia 2017 GHG Emissions Inventory Report

Port of Olympia 2017 GHG Emissions Inventory Report. Table of Contents. Section 1: Introduction. 1-1. 1.1 Overview of Greenhouse Gas Emissions .

AKIS and advisory services in Denmark Report for the AKIS inventory

Knowledge and Information System (AKIS) in Denmark with a particular focus on agricultural advisory ... began to invite and to hire agricultural advisory consultants which rapidly increased from the year 1900. ... Kolding ...

Denmark national report.pdf - feantsa

Alternative housing, so-called freak houses – housing for excluded citizens ... on the practical work, both for inspiration and exchange of experiences. ... By February 1st 2010 there is a Social Nurse at Bispebjerg Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, ...

Hydrographic National Report of Denmark - IHO

Meteorological warnings and forecasts Denmark: ...

Denmark's National Reform Programme First Progress Report

information portal: The job bank is for people with reduced working capacity and persons who have left the labour market prematurely due to ...

National report on joint and open programmes DENMARK

Abstract. The present report provides an overview and assessment of the Danish research funding policy regarding admissions and amounts to joint and open ...

MOPACT WP3 – Task 1 National report for Denmark ... - seniorvikar

The past two decades have seen a more or less continuous debate in Denmark around the topic of extending working lives. It has often been framed around the ...

DENMARK Comprehensive national review report Beijing 25 - unece

29 Mar 2019 ... equality and compiles 48 examples of government policies, projects and ... everyday sexism, sexual harassment and sexual abuse; at work, ...

Denmark ±Country Report on national food waste policy - eu fusions

3 Feb 2016 ... (50.5 euros) per tonne of landfilled waste and DKK 330. (44.4 ... VKDUH WKHLU H[SHULHQFH LGHDV DQG NQRZOHGJH YLD $99¶V.

language encounters in aarhus 2017 - Projects - Aarhus Universitet

The programme presentation held at Aarhus Theatre, a hundred days before the opening ceremony, included a speech given by the Mayor of Aarhus. He spoke.

Aarhus 2017. Før – under – efter - Projects - Aarhus Universitet

10. dec 2018 ... Kommunernes og regionens udlån af med- arbejdere til Fonden Aarhus 2017s sekretariat bidrog til reduktion af fondens drifts omkostninger, et.

aarhus 2017 i medierne - Projects - Aarhus Universitet

Aarhus som europæisk kulturhovedstad i 2017. ... brugte Aarhus 2017-specifikke hashtags i forbindelse ... mente generelt, at begivenheden var både ”smuk”,.

NGA | 2017 Annual Report - National Gallery of Art

by Caspar Netscher, Imaginary River Landscape by Herman ... exhibitions in 2017 with the exhibition In the Tower: Theaster ... Elizabeth (Betsy) Holmes.

2017 National Preparedness Report -

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence and ... currently using the DR2 resources to help with disaster preparedness and ...

Oysters, Denmark's longest table banquet and ... - Aarhus 2017

European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 and European region of ... be taken a cultural journey, discovering a wide selection of the globe's street food kitchens.

godsbanen aarhus denmark may 17th-19th 2017 - European ...

17 May 2017 ... Across Europe there is a great demand for civic engagement. Cultural institutions, poli- ticians and researchers are looking for ways to engage ...

National Report of Sweden to the EUREF 2017 ... - Lantmäteriet

Presented at the EUREF 2017 Symposium in Wrocław, Poland, May 17–19, 2017. 1 Introduction ... from Lantmäteriet, available as open data. An automated ...

Progress Report 2017-19, NRNA NCC Denmark

Progress Report 2017-19,. NRNA NCC Denmark. • “एक पटकको ... Dipawali sajh 2017 best · • Dipawali sajh 2018 · • Milan lama ... Youth and Sports. • Dana Cup ...

Annual Report on Zoonoses in Denmark 2017

15 Mar 2017 ... (DTU) both shed new lights on sources of Campylobacter infection. Both studies found that cattle may be a source of Campylobacter infection ...

National Survey Report of PV Power Applications in Sweden 2017 ...

The product, SolFilm, is a completely new kind of nanowire- ... Sol Voltaics anticipate samples of SolFilm being sent to partners ... Nordisk System Teknik AB.


30 Sep 2018 ... Deputy Director,. Education. Er Ker Jia ... Singapore Writers Festival 2017 ... A vibrant celebration of the gif format, showcasing 90 larger-than-.