Etnomeditsiin -

Birgitte Rørbye. Teesid: Etnomeditsiinilised uuringud tähendavad erinevate inimeste ja rah- vaste haiguste, tervise ja ravimisega seotud suhtumiste, põhimõtete ...

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Etnomeditsiin -

Birgitte Rørbye. Teesid: Etnomeditsiinilised uuringud tähendavad erinevate inimeste ja rah- vaste haiguste, tervise ja ravimisega seotud suhtumiste, põhimõtete ...

Who Owns Folklore?

Copyright, folklore and music piracy in Ghana. London: Routledge. 2006: 160-162. 3 UNESCO/WIPO. Model Provisions for National Laws on the Protection of ...

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the ISFNR Committee on Charms, Charmers and Charming. ISSN 2228- ... in the context of imitative magic: the Plica was correlated with spinning at. Christmas ...

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“PH ILO SO PH Y IN THE FL E SH ” : A Talk with George. Lakoff. ... w heat and rye; A sow does sooner than a cow bring an ox to the blow, The house.

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grammata (Ogden 1999 : 47 ; Peterson 1921 ; Bohak 2003) – les Grecs rap- prochèrent ephesia d'une ... Norske hexeformularer og magiske opskrifter.

Makroøkonomiens folklore

Det ny-klassiske metode-paradigme har underlagt sig hele ... keynesiansk teori gælder, at »the method is the ... som et krav om axiomatisk deduktiv stringens.

De Brabantsche Folklore - Dbnl

(2) her is een gelijkaardig lied, aangehaald door DE COCK en. TEIRLINCK, deel III, 159. ... De geest schept eigenlijk Diets, hij verwerkt het reeds bestaande (4).

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Åkesson Filholm 2009; Strøyberg 2004). While the Faeroese ... Strøyberg, Bo 2004. Færøerne. Et samfund i ... Kolodny, Annette 1984. The Land Before Her.

The Folklore of Dowsing - jstor

6 J. Napier, Folk Lore : or, Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland,. (Paisley, 1879), p. ... 15 H. F. Feilberg, Dansk Bondeliv, (Copenhagen, 1889), p. 364.


Ard og Plov i Nordens Oldtid. [Ard and Plough in Prehistoric. Scandinavia.] Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter, Bind I. Aarhus: Universitets- forlaget i Aarhus.

Appalachian Folklore & Stories

Stingy Jack was a miserable, old man who took pleasure in playing tricks on anyone and everyone – friends, family, his mother and even the Devil himself! So one ...

Survakari, Kukeri and Others Introduction Within the ... -

29 Sep 2011 ... Survakari, Kukeri and Others. Abstract: The article provides an analysis of the Surva International. Festival of Masking, in the town of Pernik, ...

Folklore Trends in Scandinavia - jstor

of the activities of Gustavus Adolphus in starting folklore research in Sweden. ... however, a very decided revival of interest in Swedish folklore in the I83.

The Changing Meaning of 'Thunderbolts' -

by the falling stone, fire and thunder were seen as its consequences (Blinkenberg. 1911: 1; Carelli 1997: ... huge number of 'thunderbolts' are actually Stone Age artefacts, predominantly axes, daggers ... Vonsild near Kolding. [Communicated ...

Dissemination of Values and Culture through the E-Folklore - tojet

Saman (pnyt.). Kuala lumpur : Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 326-335. Mohd Firdaus Che Yaacob & Normaliza Abd Rahim (2014) Values in Malay Folklore ...

Folkloristik mellem folklorisme og folklore -

mellem dansk folklore og folklore i. Danmark, ligesom danske traditioner ikke er synonyme med traditioner i. Danmark, dvs. at der er forskel på en national lore ...

''The Tall Man in the Blue Suit'' Witchcraft, Folklore and ... - UiO - DUO

“Flower Garden” and “After you, My Dear Alphonse” are both about racism. These stories are of interest since they tie in nicely with the slavery examples Glanvill ...

Folk Narrative and the History of Culture -

Further- more, folk narrative plays an essential part in social and cultural life. An effort ... Folk og Kultur: Årbog for dansk etnologi og folkemindevidenskab. 2000.

33. Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference - Conferences

18 Aug 2015 ... CO- in Copenhagen 2015 ... Excursions, Friday 21., 2015 ... telser fra deres samtid, dels kan de have været medvirkende til udviklingen af nye ... Taking descendants of German migrants in contemporary Helsinki as a starting ...


exists in Neil Gaiman's award-winning novel, American Gods. I focus on ... one considers the popularity of film, television, radio plays, and comics, all of which.

List of Asian Folklore Scholars - jstor

Kung Fu as a Folk Art," " Chinese Folk Cuisine," " Moon Festival in Mont- ... and folk medicine of Southeast Asia, esp. northern Thailand; publ. Sug, the. Trickster ... hagen, Denmark; 11 16 86, 11 12 71; home: 10 Raaegevej, DK-2900 Hellerup,.

FOAFtale News 27 September 1992 -

Cybil Swank, 19, was ... argued that the diary also showed Swank making "conscious choices in her life. ... suddenly to find that a scruffy-looking man, whom she.

humorous interpretations of abbreviations as a socio ... -

One and the same acronym or abbreviation may stand for ... creation of some sort, one that expresses the creator's freedom, spirit of pro- test and sense of ...

Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore

Kirby argues that the emphasis on ghost hunting equipment was inspired ... scrutiny. In this sense, ghost hunting tradition presents a ghost ... Wilgus, D. K. 1960.

The Meaning of Folklore - [email protected] - Utah State ...

1994. e Case of the Missing Gerbil. Western Folklore 53:229–42. Duncan ... Feilberg, H. F. 1892. Levende begravet. Aarbog for Dansk Kulturhistoire, 1–60.

FOAFtale News 13 March 1989 -

legend-tellers; and use of contemporary legends in ... I, too, have memories of hacking home: collecting ... contemporary legends are 'Monsters with Iron.

commemorating the centenary of world war i in bohinj -

entering the restricted zone by Lake Bohinj. The documents of soldiers and civil- ians who entered the restricted zone of the hinterland system were thoroughly.

FOAFtale News 28 December 1992 -

one month long research trip to Mongolia in August of. 1991. ... Saviour, Christianshavn) with a dramatic external staircase coiling ... snake's fang on the hanana.

Zikaden in Mythologie, Kunst und Folklore - Zobodat

Eigenschaften der Zika- den und ihre Symbolik ... griechischen Altertum zum einen als Symbol für die ... dem amerikanischen Film „Cicadas" von Kat. CANDLER ...

Literatūrzinātne, folkloristika, māksla Literature, Folklore, Arts

Som løkken strammes mod spillets slutning, bliver ... Sverige har man inte mycket kunskap om Olof Palme, Ebbe Carlsson och. Anna Lindh ... att köpa nedfryst pizza i 7-Elevenaffärerna sent på natten, men samtidigt ser man att Larssons ...

Historical GIS and Folklore Collection in 19th Century Denmark

economic, and social organization as well as the rise of the Scandinavian countries ... Olof Hyltén-Cavallius's collections of Swedish folklore (1844) and Elias ...

internet humor about stalin netinalju stalinist -

lisa failidest, mis sisaldasid samaaegselt otsisõnu “Сталин” ja “анекдот”, ning registreerisin ... ongi see koer maetud,” saab pojake aru. Jälle naksti kinni.

Greed and Work in Finland-Swedish Folklore -

With the help of proverbs and folklore legends from rural Swedish-. Finland in the nineteenth century, I want to reflect on the idea of the Sabbath, or holiday, and ...

Visual Jokes about Christmas and Santa Claus on the ... -

the traditions): Santa Claus as the bringer of presents, his trip from the north- ... mythology – becoming more and more international, but still with national or.

Internet memes as contested cultural capital -

This article explores the workings of memes as cultural capital in web-based ... condemn the poster for the contrary offense of offering outworn, exhausted con-.

The Folklore of the French-Speaking Negro of Evangeline Parish.

Parish* Louisiana* and to preserve transcribed texts of these people# While ... Svtk* la pdrt frBme tuju* la, I'Bm do la butik e vnfl* 11 l*a uv£* il IB m&n, ki tfl fe Isi?