The uneven geography of crowdfunding success ... - SAGE Journals

Kristjan Jespersen. Department of Management, Society, and Communication, Copenhagen. Business School, Denmark. Abstract. Optimists contend that ...

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The uneven geography of crowdfunding success ... - SAGE Journals

Kristjan Jespersen. Department of Management, Society, and Communication, Copenhagen. Business School, Denmark. Abstract. Optimists contend that ...

UEFA Euro 2004™ Portugal - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications

even this could scarcely compare to the demands of Euro 2004. As Dauncey &. Hare (2000) pointed out in relation to France, Portugal also witnessed the def-.

The Social Identity Perspective - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications

THE SOCIAL IDENTITY. PERSPECTIVE. Intergroup Relations,. Self-Conception, and Small Groups. MICHAEL A. HOGG. University of Queensland, Australia.

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An Online Survey. Klein C.1, Heckel M.1, Haas N.2, Kulla A.3, Warter C.2, Ostgathe C.1 ... Palliative Care), University of Southern Denmark, Holbaek, Denmark,.

Institutionalism as a Methodology - SAGE Journals - Sage Publications

We provide a definition of institutionalism and a schematic account that differ- entiates between institutional theories (in which institutions are exogenous).

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Funded by Medal of Honor L'Oréal for Women in Science,. Innovation grant Ordem ... London, United Kingdom, 17Department of Neurology, Glostrup. University ...

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LISTEN MR OXFORD DON. Me not no Oxford don me a simple immigrant from Clapham Common. I didn't graduate. I immigrate. But listen Mr Oxford don.

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Owen Pearson, Albania and King Zog: Independence, Republic and Monarchy 1908–1939,. I.B. Tauris in association with The Centre for Albanian Studies: ...

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CAMILLE PAGLIA: I immediately loved Madonna's driving, layered disco sound and ... What do you think of 'Ray of Light'? How do you think it relates to her.

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AMO Pharmaceuticals, Apotek, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, Merck,. Merck/Pfizer ... ods to measure mean upper cervical cord area (MUCCA): SCT-. PropSeg, SCT-DeepSeg, NeuroQLab ... Stefan H Sillau has nothing to disclose. John Corboy ...

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Many websites served galleries of GIFs, encouraging others to download and use them on their own sites with little regard for who originally created them. These ...

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Research approach is the second layer of Saunders et al.'s research onion [43]. They divide research approach into the deductive approach and the inductive ...

Action Competence through Ethno-Geography - African Journals ...

7 May 2018 ... many people in South Africa and Denmark are well educated and should be aware of the ... See

The All Seeing Eye? - SAGE Journals

(1) The 'Eye of Providence' appears in the Great Seal of the United States,(2) and on the dollar bill. The ALL SEEING EYE can perhaps be traced to the Eye of ...

Wherever You Go, There You Are - SAGE Journals

Wherever You Go, There You Are: Fascist Plans for the Colonial City of Addis Ababa and the. Colonizing Suburb of EUR '42. This article concerns the two most ...

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At Merry Scheel. Biografi. Merry Scheel, cand.phil., undervisningsleder ... Scheels artikkel er i det hele tatt meget godt egnet til a skape avsmak for alt som.

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Metamizol (Dipyrone) is a pyrazolon. Does preoperative administration of metamizol (Novalgin®) affect postoperative body weight and duration of recovery from.

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bars that do not offer go-go dancing, there being no &dquo;cover charge&dquo; ... bar. The dancers are &dquo;locals,&dquo; working close to home. Theirs is.

Program - SAGE Journals

G. RYGE,* M. A. SNYDEH, and S. C. MORGAN (Dental Health Center, ... altered at 13 wks due to the change In the rela ... and Soren Ξ. Sorensen, School of.

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SAGE Vancouver style, ( and references ... Peter Rothwell. Conrado Estol ... Bo Norrving. Ulrich Dirnagl ... Peter Sandercock: Acute therapy ... Adams HP Jr, Bendixen BH, Kappelle LJ, et al.

Just One of the Guys? - SAGE Journals

“just one of the guys,” that men succeed in the workplace at higher rates than women because of gender stereotypes that privilege masculinity, not because they.

The Shallows - SAGE Journals

These curious omissions when coupled with an overt reli- ance upon online resources (blogs rather than peer-reviewed articles), leads one to. Briefly Noted 773.

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Mentor-Duan M. Bjerke, Prin. H. S., 105 Lakeside. Rd. ... Eddy.rtone-Horace F. Erb, Prin. H. S.. Edri-C. F. Shaulis, Prin ... 33rd and Tasker Sts. John F. Tocik (Rev.) ...

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and the Ghost of Shakespeare by Bush Moukarzel. The names Hamnet and Hamlet were used interchangeably in Shakespeare's day, according to Stephen ...

Canada - SAGE Journals

naming of a new island that is revealed under receding ice escalates a ... Literature of Out-Migration by Jennifer Bowering, and Rewriting the Break Event: ... Blodgett, Astrid You Haven't Changed a Bit 184pp Univ of Alberta Press (Edmonton,.

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According to Nilles (1998):. One of the main concerns organizations have about distributed work situations like telework is that com- pany-private information may ...

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*Ditte Vasby is now at Sallingvej Dyreklinik, Vanløse, Denmark. yAgnieszka ... ulating and fine-tuning the innate immune response in order to avoid such harmful ...

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The book contains the text of 25 radio talks. The topics vary ... She covers a lot of territory, from seven- ... — To This Busy World 24pp The Plowman (Ontario) $6. ... Hariharan, Githa 'Re-visionist Myth-making: A Reading of Githa Harih-. - SAGE Journals

10 Apr 2005 ... is an entrepreneurial firm that pioneered online recruitment and job search in India. The company began as a bootstrapped start-up ...

Getting To Know Him: A Biography of Oscar ... - SAGE Journals

grow too old to dream,/ I'll have you to remember," for ... Know Him is really a superficial and derivative book. ... Hammerstein, although well-off and the author of ...

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her book on Greece, House Arrest, namely that it must be ... Uncensored Russia, edited by Peter Reddaway, ... sion from the Party, youth or professional body. The Game's in the Name - SAGE Journals

30 May 2015 ..., through usernames and omnipresent leaderboards broadcasting these names, affords players the chance to put their ideologies and.

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democratic world. But Brexit has exposed deep divisions within. Conservatism. Anthony Ridge-Newman examines the current state of the Conservative party ...

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getting access to data at Statistics Denmark, which is the main provider of register data. We introduce the Danish Data. Archive and briefly present the Act on ...

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olive-green outfit, it might be seen as a ... in The Language of Fashion, clothing is ... Sticker with the image of Fidel Castro wearing an olive-drab campaign ...

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How, Wright reflects, does the Shit Happens generation conceive of a war? With a ... as existentialists. Wright's cast of characters includes the charismatic Lt.