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... as DBpedia [1]) the Page-. Rank scores computed on the Wikipedia link graph enable rankings of entities ... 21 Justin Bieber. English language. Romanize.

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PageRank on Wikipedia - AIFB - KIT

... as DBpedia [1]) the Page-. Rank scores computed on the Wikipedia link graph enable rankings of entities ... 21 Justin Bieber. English language. Romanize.

PageRank on Wikipedia - CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Wikipedia serves as a rich source for entities and their de- ... Wikipedia link graph enable rankings of entities of specific types, for example for ... 21 Justin Bieber.

A Multilingual Entity Linker Using PageRank and Semantic Graphs

entity linking with the mention Michael Jackson, ... link the phrase Michael Jackson footballer to the ... Cucerzan (2007) used Wikipedia as a knowledge.

Wikipedia - e-LIS

9 Dec 2009 ... When people first hear that Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that ... “Besides overarching events like Michael Jackson's death (which ...

Kjønnsubalanse på Wikipedia? - UiO - DUO

10. okt 2016 ... Omkring 1970-80-årene ble strikk en del av enkelte ungdomskulturer (Hønsestrikk og ... Hvordan lese diagrammer. 132. Hvordan avslutte, og ...


Vissevasse-Wikipedia. Vissevasse, nu slår jeg efter på Wiki- pedia, når jeg kommer hjem, og så ... KØBENHAVNS UNIVERSITET. Takket være internettet.

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13 Dec 2018 ... Finn Årup Nielsen ... Wikis were one of the first Web 2.0 platforms: With Wikipedia, You can ... Paa Memphis Station: 27; 5-HTTLPR: 87.

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11. nov 2019 ... som synonym (med högerriktad pil), nämligen hybris: ... form av eit synonym eller ein eigenleg definisjonstekst. ... Så ung og så fordærvet.

Omdrejningslegemer og Wikipedia - LMFK

af et omdrejningslegeme, hvor en given funkti- on blev drejet ... lagt, at f(x) desuden skal være monoton, hvis det skal give ... x-aksen og drejning om y-aksen.

Wikipedia and Encyclopaedism -

2 May 2013 ... Keywords: Wikipedia, knowledge, encyclopaedism, genre analysis, network ... engine), Justin Bieber (musician), and Nicki Minaj (musician).

Wikipedia – viden som social handlen -

The genre approach to Wikipedia is based mainly on Carolyn R. Miller's theory of genre as social action. ... Det er især i denne kultur at rødderne skal findes til open source-bevægelsen. (mere om ... Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cheney ...

12 Toward Universal Spatialization Through Wikipedia-Based ...

ing input datasets with semantic information extracted from Wikipedia. ... conglomerates in the southwest region such as Credit Suisse and Royal Dutch Shell show ... Ghost. 4. The Bodyguard. Dirty Pretty Things. Fame! 5. Grease. Footloose.

Wikipedia Is Good for You!? - Parlor Press

James P. Purdy. 206 where, Wikipedia can reinforce approaches to research-based writing ... The Michael Jackson article makes this explicit. Its 19:35, 27 June.

Wikipedia and Stock Return - GDAC

11 Apr 2016 ... Wikipedia Usage Pattern Helps to Predict the Individual Stock Movement ... uation of all stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. More-. 591 ...

The most controversial topics in Wikipedia - arXiv

In addition, the presence of different editions of Wikipedia for different languages, allows us to investigate all the mentioned research questions on a global scale ...

Top 100 historical figures of Wikipedia - Archive ouverte HAL

14 Aug 2015 ... Michael Jackson, Frank Lloyd Wright, David Bowie for. 2DRank; Kasey S. Pipes, Roger Calmel, Yury G. Cher- navsky for CheiRank. For this ...

Mining Wikipedia to Rank Rock Guitarists

influential rock guitarist by applying Google PageRank ... include Rolling Stone, Time, Telegraph, Esquire, Guitar ... Wikipedia article is about a guitarist or not.

Magnesium hydroxide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - MIT

6 May 2010 ... Suspensions of magnesium hydroxide in water (milk of magnesia) are used as an antacid to neutralize stomach acid, and a laxative. The diarrhea ...

Deletion Discussions in Wikipedia - The International Symposium on ...

27 Aug 2012 ... Deletion Discussions in Wikipedia: Decision Factors and. Outcomes ... Each discussion mentioned from one to all five of the factors,. Notability, Sources ... in this instance, where it would “[punch a] hole in their otherwise ... appropriate topic: the manuscript rather than the man who Little is known of. Second ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo - Wikipedia ... Mbiemra ndaj shembujve të Përshkrimi i natyrës së. Patriotizmi ... Pershkrimi subjektiv i nje personi wikipedia zip codes.

MJ no more: Using Concurrent Wikipedia Edit Spikes with Social ...

war [1] led the site to go down: Wikipedia editors worldwide made concurrent edits to the Michael Jackson Wikipedia ar- ticle, doing and undoing changes ...

Why We Read Wikipedia - Stanford Computer Science

desktop and mobile, 4 days, about 5,000 responses) saw a survey widget while browsing Wikipedia articles. If the reader chose to participate, she was taken to ...

Wikipedia, la parità non corre sul web - Rivista Bricks

keywords: : Wikipedia, Wikimedia, STEM, gender gap. 36 ... illustri dopo aver studiato materiali cartacei messi a disposizione dalle insegnanti, individuati nella ...

Recognition of Semantically Related Articles in Wikipedia

Abstract. Wikipedia has become the most used encyclopaedia in the world. ... articles based on connections between Wikipedia editions. ... Angela Merkel. 17.

Cultural Anthropology through the Lens of Wikipedia - arXiv

by native speakers of a culture to different subjects in Wikipedia. ... last 20 years, as there are very few people, other than Justin Bieber or Malala Yousafzai (the.

The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge to Wikipedia - AAAI

Previous studies have raised concerns that editors of science-related articles on Wikipedia are biased toward easily available sources and underrepresent ...

Wikipedia and the Ecosystem of Knowledge - Scholarly and Research

23 Oct 2015 ... When Larry Sanger and Jim Whales launched Wikipedia in 2001, they saw it as an. “informal laboratory and developmental site for Nupedia ...

Is there a weekly pattern for health searches on wikipedia and is the ...

8 Apr 2014 ... chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, AIDS, influenza, diabetes, menopause, Justin Bieber, and Lionel Messi. The daily rates of Wikipedia article ...

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wikipedia - blackwell

25 Jan 2017 ... story for book publication the following year. The longer and revised version of. The Picture of. Dorian Gray published in book form in 1891 ...

Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

29 Apr 2019 ... Hitler's aggressive foreign policy is considered the main cause of the outbreak of World War II in. Europe. His antisemitic policies and racially ...

Neural Joint Learning for Classifying Wikipedia Articles into ... - ACL

30 Oct 2016 ... {,matsuda,okazaki,inui} [email protected] Abstract ... grained NE type labels to Wikipedia articles.

A Hybrid Model for Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles - ACL

Suzuki (2015) uses h-index and p-ratio to measure editor qual- ity and uses editor quality to assess the quality of. Wikipedia articles. Li et al. (2015) use article–.

Quality Assessment of Wikipedia Articles without Feature ... - HAL-Inria

3 Aug 2016 ... cused on classification of Wikipedia articles quality by using a different feature set. ... [18] Y. Suzuki and M. Yoshikawa. Mutual evaluation of.

wikipulse – a news-portal based on wikipedia - arXiv

average about two hours earlier on Wikipedia than on. CNN and ... latest news based on Wikipedia article edits and presenting them in ... Suzuki and Yoshikawa.

Socrates Back on the Street: Wikipedia's Citing of the Stanford ...

31 Oct 2008 ... To substantiate what he sees as Wikipedia's abysmal record, he cites a Forbes' ... discussion of the poor quality of writing in the entry: “I am glad the ... by Ahava Shira, with helpful support and advice from Anne White, Edward.

Segmentation-based Event Detection from Tweets Using Wikipedia

3 Jun 2019 ... Oct12 Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj's music video of Beauty and a beat released. Oct 13 National No Bra Day. Oct 14 Korean Grand Prix F-1 ...