You Always Hurt... - Ukulele Hunt

You Always Hurt... Ryan Gosling. (Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher). Tuning: F Bb D G (ish). (Chord names as standard tuning). INTRO. C C6 C C6 C. VERSE. C.

You Always Hurt... - Ukulele Hunt- Relaterede dokumenter

You Always Hurt... - Ukulele Hunt

You Always Hurt... Ryan Gosling. (Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher). Tuning: F Bb D G (ish). (Chord names as standard tuning). INTRO. C C6 C C6 C. VERSE. C.

Take Your Love With Me (Ukulele Song) - Ukulele Hunt

Take Your Love. With Me (Ukulele Song). Sophie Madeleine. INTRO. C Edim F Fm C. VERSE 1. C. Edim. I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat. Dm.

Weihnachten mit der Ukulele - Ukulele Hunt

mit der Ukulele von Wilfried Welti © 2012 DSP Arts Publishing. Herrnröther Str. 54. 63303 Dreieich. Deutschland

We Don't Believe What's On TV - Ukulele Hunt

I don't care what's in your hair. A. E. I just want to know what's on your mind. C#. D. I used to say I want to die before I'm old. A. E. But because of you I might think ...

I'm Yours - Ukulele Hunt

VERSE 1. C. Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it. G. I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted. Am. F. I fell right through the cracks, now I'm tryin to get ...

Here Comes the Sun - Ukulele Hunt

Here Comes the Sun. George Harrison. Tab: Ukulele Track 1. Low G. D=A. EE. > (4. Ukulele. User Defined. D=F 3=D. 2=E Q=C. = Moderate J = 120.

Ho Hey - Ukulele Hunt

I don't know where I belong. C. I don't know where I went wrong. Am. G. F C. But I can write a song. CHORUS. Am. G. C. I belong with you, you belong with me, ...

Concerning Hobbits - Ukulele Hunt

Concerning Hobbits. Tab: n= A o= E p= C q= G. Moderate h = 120. 441. P Q # %. #. #. # ! # ! # ! #. # ! 4 #. $. # ! &. % ! #. $ #. %. # %. #. #. # ! # !

Blackbird - Ukulele Hunt

Blackbird. The Beatles. = 90. 1/3. 3. 2. 0. 3. 5. 0. 5. 7. 0. 10. 0. 7. 7. 0. 10. 7. 10. 0. 7. 7. 0. 10. 7. Intro. 1. 2. 3. 2. 0. 3. 5. 0. 5. 7. 0. 10. 0. 7. 7.

Hallelujah - Ukulele Hunt

VER SE 1. C. Am. Now I've h eard th ere w as a secret ch ord. C. Am. Th at David played, and it pleased th e Lord. F. G. C. G. But you don't really care for m usic, ...

La Vie En Rose - Ukulele Hunt

La Vie En Rose. Edith Piaf/Cristin Milioti. INTRO. G. Gmaj7. Em Am D. D7. VERSE 1. G. Gmaj7. Hold me close and hold me fast. Em. The magic spell you cast.

Mardy Bum - Ukulele Hunt

VERSE 1. D. F#. Well now then, mardy bum. G. F#m. Em. I see your frown and it's like looking down the barrel of a gun. A D . F#. And it goes off, and out come ...

I'd Rather Go Blind - Ukulele Hunt

I'd Rather Go Blind. Etta James. INTRO. A. Bm. Bm. A. VERSE 1. A. Bm. Something told me it was over. Bm. A. When I saw you and her talking. A. Bm.

Born to Run - Ukulele Hunt

Born to Run. Bruce Springsteen. Capo 4th fret. INTRO. C. C. F. Gsus4 G. C. C. F. Gsus4 G. VERSE 1. C. F. G7. In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a ...

Black - Ukulele Hunt

Back To Black. Amy Winehouse. INTRO. Dm Gm Bb A. VERSE 1. Dm. Gm. He left no time to regret. Bb. A. Kept his dick wet, with his same old safe bet. Dm. Gm.

I Wanna Be Like You - Ukulele Hunt

Like You. INTRO. VERSE 1. Am. E7. Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP. Am. I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what botherin' me.

I Say a Little Prayer - Ukulele Hunt

I Say a Little Prayer. Aretha Franklin. Capo 2nd fret. INTRO. Em7 Am7 D Gmaj7. Cmaj7. B7. I say a little prayer for you. VERSE 1. Em7. Am7. The moment I wake ...

Run Run Rudolph - Ukulele Hunt

Run Run Rudolph. Chuck Berry. INTRO. VERSE 1. F. C. Out of all the reindeers you know you're the mastermind. G7. C. Run, run Rudolph, Randolph ain't too ...

Naked As We Came - Ukulele Hunt

Naked As We Came. Iron & Wine. Tab: Ukulele Standard Tuning n= A o= E p= C q= G. Moderate h = 80. : DD44 c. 1. •. *. B ! B. ) BD. *. B•.

Africa - Ukulele Hunt

Africa. Toto/WIUO. INTRO. Ab Gm7 Cm (Lick) x4. VERSE 1. Bb. Dm. Gm7. I hear the drums echoing tonight. Bb. Ab. Eb. Gm7 Ab Gm7 Cm. She has only ...

You've Got a Friend In Me - Ukulele Hunt

You've Got a Friend In Me. Randy Newman. Capo 2nd Fret. INTRO. VERSE 1. C. G C C7add9. You've got a friend in me. F. F#º C C7. You've got a friend in me.

Sing Together - Ukulele Hunt

Train. Capo. 1st fret. VERSE 1. C C . Em. Em. Am'. Am9. If I go before I say to everyone in my ballet. F. F. C. Let me take this chance to thank you for the dance.

River Flows in You - Ukulele Hunt

River Flows in You. (Edward's Theme). Yurima. Tab: Ukulele Standard Tuning n= A o= E p= C q= G. Moderate h = 75. 441. $ ! ! # ? #. $. #. $. $.

Happy Birthday - Ukulele Hunt

Happy Birthday. G. D. Happy Birthday to you. D. G. Happy Birthday to you. D. C. Happy Birthday dear Rudiger. G. D G. Happy Birthday to you.

Hey Soul Sister - Ukulele Hunt

Hey Soul Sister. Train. INTRO. E B C#m A. VERSE 1. E. B. C#m. A. Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains. E. B. C#m A B. I knew I wouldn't ...

Batman Theme - Ukulele Hunt

Tab: Ukulele -ONW. ONW moo. -ONW orova. NN. NN. -ONW. -Oow. -ONW. ONW. TIT. -OFW. -ONW. EN. -EN. -OFW. -OON. -OFW. ONW. -2=2=1===z ...

Lumberjack Christmas - Ukulele Hunt

Lumberjack Christmas. Sufjan Stevens ... That Christmas is a vision ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Bb. F. If drinking ... You'll have to love him, or leave him at last. Am. Gm.

Falling Slowly - Ukulele Hunt

Falling Slowly. Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. Tab: C Tuning. O=A. @=E (4= Moderate J=90. 0-. 0--0--0-I. -0-. 0-I. -. 0----. ---. ----. 3. -. :-'.

Misirlou (Lead Tab) - Ukulele Hunt

Misirlou. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Tab: Ukulele 120. Lead Ukulele. - 4—5—. 7—. 8-1. 8-. 7-. 4-. 5. -. 6-. -. 5. 4—. 5—. 7—. 8–. 8. —. -. H. -3-2-.

Tonight You Belong to Me - Ukulele Hunt

G7s us 4 G7 G6s us 4 G6. Gaug Gs us 2 5. You belo - o - o - ong to so - o - o - om ebody ne - e - e - ew,. G. D G. But tonigh t you belong to m e. G. Alth ough ( ...

Purple Rain - Ukulele Hunt

Purple Rain. Prince. INTRO. Bb9 G7sus4. F. Ebadd9. VERSE 1. Bb9. G7sus4. I never meant to cause you any sorrow. F. Ebadd9. I never meant to cause you ...

Tennessee Whiskey - Ukulele Hunt

Tennessee Whiskey. Chris Stapleton. INTRO. A. Bm ... You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey. Bm. A Asus4 A. You're as ... Tennessee whiskey. INTRO TAB.

Tears In Heaven - Ukulele Hunt

Tears In Heaven. Carl Ray Villaverde. Tab: n= A o= E p= C q= G. Moderate h = 85. 441. $. $. %. & ? %. $. $ #. $. #. % ? #. $.

Pumped Up Kicks - Ukulele Hunt

Pumped Up Kicks. Foster the People. Capo 1st fret. INTRO. VERSE 1. Em. G. Robert's got a quick hand. D. A. He'll look around the room he won't tell you his ...

Claudia's Theme (Tab) - Ukulele Hunt

Claudia's Theme. From Unforgiven. Lennie Niehaus. Tab: = 90. G4. H5—5—6946-. 15—5—68- wo y. &. & &. 7-. GO. -. 0-. 0-1. -3. 12. 131. -(0-.

Somethin' Stupid - Ukulele Hunt

Somethin' Stupid. Frank & Nancy Sinatra. Capo 4th fret. INTRO. Dm. G7 Dm G7. Cmaj7 C6 Cmaj7 C6. VERSE 1. C5. C6. Cmaj7. C. I know I stand in line until ...